Frances Provost Fundraising
Frances Provost Fundraising
Frances Provost Fundraising
Frances Provost Fundraising
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supporting great music through Southwell Minster Choir Association
If you missed out donating to the Crowdfunding page you can still donate via PayPal, just send me an email for details or for other ways to donate.


THAT's IT, TIME's UP & 2 Marathons completed!!



What's happened today...
Total raised £3,250!!*

You can check out the Crowdfunding page here

Listen again to my two interviews on
BBC Radio Nottingham's 'Frances Finn Show'
19th July         6th September

See my interview with Chloe Bicknell on the NottsTV news magazine 'Ey Up Notts' for PROJECT 2020: Click here to watch it on YouTube

Check out an article about PROJECT 2020: in the Newark Advertiser. Thank you to Connor Thompson for the article.

Marathon Challenge was completed by 6.00pm 7th September 2020

Marathon 1 completed
Total laps completed: 1198
Total distance completed: 46145 yards

Marathon 2 completed
Monday 7th September
DAY 56 of 56
Total laps completed: 1198 - 100% of the way there!
Total distance completed: 46145 yards

* Total raised includes donations from Crowdfunding £3,085  Facebook £90  Other £75

You can check out more about PROJECT 2020: by clicking on the project tab above. You can also follow me on Twitter
Some of the lovely comments from supporters:
Michael Davidson 7th September 2020
Great idea Frances and such a vital cause, thank you.

Sally Bloomfield 7th September 2020
Sending best wishes, from Sally Bloomfield, West Sussex

Rachel Doe 7th September 2020
Congratulations Frances, what an achievement and thank you for your support of the choirs of Southwell Minster!

Patricia Joan Orton 4th September 2020
Great to support the SMCA from Wilmslow, every little helps to encourage Fran and the Minster musicians.

Martin Cottam 31st August 2020
Good luck, Fran - hope the sun shines on the remainder of your walk!

Hilary Caldwell 30th August 2020
You'r doing well! Keep on walking. Hilary

Nicola Sullivan 26th August 2020
Well done Frances! Brilliant idea...keep going!

Penny Peters 15th August 2020
Paul’s mum, you are an awesome inspiration. Very happy to support you for such a great cause

Liz Ramsay 14th August 2020
What a wonderful thing to do! I love cathedral music, be it organ music or choral and Southwell is one of my favourites. Good luck, you will completely recover, I had Guillain Barre syndrome and I recovered so I understand to an extent how difficult this is.

Peter Robin Turner 14th August 2020
Well done Fran, and thank you from the Chairman of the SMCA! Robin Turner

Gwen Bragg 13th August 2020
I always support the SMCA and enjoy all the music

Grove Lane Pharmacy 9th August 2020
Your doing well!

Phil Blinston 7th August 2020
Good luck in your endeavours. Take care in the hotter days.

Jane P 1st August 2020
Keep going Fran

Marilyn 27th July 2020
Marilyn wishes you well

Caroline and David 27th July 2020
Go Fran, Go!! We will double our donation if you get to your £10,000 target. Caroline and David

Nicholas and Janet Allsopp 26th July 2020
Dear Frances. What a wonderful thing to do, you are amazing - keep going. All best wishes, Nicholas & Janet Allsopp

Richard Brunner 25th July 2020
Heard all about your superlative work through our family, love the radio interview too. X

Wendy Margaret Wright 24th July 2020
Brilliant idea well done!

alison grant milbank 24th July 2020
many congratulations on your achievement - we're all so grateful at Southwell

Edward Joyner 23rd July 2020
Thanks so much for your support Mrs P!

Theresa Brunner 23rd July 2020
So proud of my brave cousin, as her parents would have been - well done Fran, an example to us all! x

Adrienne Thompson 22nd July 2020
Keep up the good work. You are amazing Fran.

Mary Somerville 21st July 2020
Good luck with the challenge You are supporting a wonderful cuase

Jane Williams 21st July 2020
All good luck for your amazing challenge!

Aileen Moran 20th July 2020
Good luck, Fran! A very worthy cause

Lester 20th July 2020
Best wishes, Frances John Lester

Gillian Osborne 20th July 2020
Good Luck! Thank you for supporting this wonderful music.

claire.brunner 19th July 2020
Mum told me of your marathon challenge - wow!

Elizabeth Yule 19th July 2020
Missing the choir so much at this time and in awe of the challenge!

Estelle Price 18th July 2020
Well done Frances! Best wishes Estelle ( ACS)

Richard Frith 18th July 2020
Well done, and thank you so much for your support! Richard Frith

Vic Leyden 17th July 2020
Good luck Fran. I hope You are both well. Vic and Bernie xx

Gillian Bate 17th July 2020
Well done Fran - the Captain Tom of the ecclesiastical music world! Keep up the good work!

frankcurtiss2 17th July 2020
Good luck in raising funds for this great cause and I hope Fran’s recovery continues too!

kath whyte 16th July 2020
well done Fran. will there be another?? xkath

Sue BenslyGreen 16th July 2020
Amazing cause. Good luck to Frances, an amazing lady after all she gone through. Hope your target is reached. Sue BG xx

vincentashwin 16th July 2020
Great effort for a great choir. Thanks to you and to them!

Norman Vaughton 16th July 2020
Well done, my legs ache just thinking about all that walking!

Geoff Taylor 16th July 2020
Longing to hear singing in Southwell Minster again

Anthony Campion 16th July 2020
Very courageous project Fran with ambitious target.

Laurence Cunnington & Jeremy Pemberton 16th July 2020
Thank you so much, Fran!

Jim & Sue Mason 15th July 2020
Well done, Fran; keep going!

Charles Leggatt 15th July 2020
Very best of luck, Frances - what a superb cause!

David Sneath 15th July 2020
Frances. Great idea and well done so far. Very brave!

Susan Brown 15th July 2020
Fran, You are amazing - well done!! Lots of love, Sue and Mike xx

Cecil and Patricia Inglis 15th July 2020
Well done Fran. Great to see you making such wonderful progress and helping others in the process. Keep it up. Love to you.

kevin mcaloon 14th July 2020
Well done Fran, a cause close to your heart. Glad you are recovering well!

Adrienne & Nigel Davies 13th July 2020
Keep up the good work Fran. We admire your efforts to benefit your recovery as well as a very worthy cause.

Marie Dixon 13th July 2020
Such a good cause - keep going Fran!
What is PROJECT 2020: in brief...

On Friday 13th December 2019, I suffered a very severe stroke; by the time I reached the hospital, I was completely paralyzed down one side, was suffering from speech loss and many other symptoms associated with strokes. Luckily, I had been in good health up until then and was treated very quickly by fantastic doctors and nurses. I was able to eventually return home on Christmas eve, just in time for a very different Christmas. Despite this, there is still a long journey to conquer to be fully rehabilitated.

I began my rehabilitation journey by improving my speech, singing, walking, motor control and general physical strength. However, my rehabilitation has not been easy due to extreme fatigue which has made improving on my walking incredibly hard. I started walking laps around my garden to help improve movement when I  realized that, while I was helping myself, I could help others too.

With the knowledge that the choral music industry has and will continue to suffer greatly during the Coronavirus pandemic, I decided to raise money by walking two marathons around my own garden.  I have completed the first marathon and am now onto the second. I am supporting the Southwell Minster Choir Association (Registered Charity No.1000584).  I have a particular fondness for the music at the Minster and know that the music life there has been seriously affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. By supporting the Choir Association they can in turn support the Southwell Minster Music Foundation.

I have set a target of £10,000 that I want to raise in support of Southwell Minster Choir Association. I think of it this way:

If only 1,000 households could donate £10 each that would achieve our target of £10,000.

You don't have to give £10 as every £1 counts, just spread the word - the more households donate the better.

Please support my efforts and let us keep the Cathedral Music Choral Tradition alive!

Frances Provost Fundraising
8 Delahays Road
Hale  Altrincham  Cheshire  WA15 8DY

+44 161 980 5072
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